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It may be the largest outlay you will make – but do you really know what you are getting for your money? Some key points to consider are:

  • How closely have you looked at the property?
  • Do you know what to look for?
  • You’ve seen all the good points, but did you close your eyes to any bad points?
  • Have you inspected the roof void to check whether the timbers are structurally sound?
  • Do you know if there any problems with the drainage?
  • Does the central heating work? Will the building be expensive to heat?
  • Do you know whether the walling has been affected by any structural movement and, if so, whether any action is required?
  • Do you know whether the property is affected by rising, penetrating or condensation dampness?

Can you afford to discover significant defects after you have purchased?

Unless you are buying a relatively new property you are unlikely to be protected by any form of guarantee. If you have buildings insurance you will find that the cover is extremely limited.

Find out exactly what might need to be done before you buy – save yourself some expensive surprises.

Home buyers could be storing up trouble if they buy without commissioning a survey, says RICS following last weeks BBC ‘Watchdog’ housing special, which included an item highlighting the problems which arose through a home owner not organising their own survey. Buying a new home is the most expensive purchase most of us make in our lifetime, so not having a survey can be a false economy should expensive repairs be needed. All too often homebuyers rely on the lenders valuation survey. A valuation survey is just that: an indication of the value of a property in question. It is not designed to provide an indication of the structure of the property.” – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Press Release

For peace of mind, have your choice of property surveyed by Marric Chartered Surveyors before you buy.