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Building Surveys in Northamptonshire


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All of the Building Surveys conducted by Marric Chartered Surveyors re carried out by professionally qualified and indemnified personnel.

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A comprehensive and full survey comes as the Marric standard. Surveys involve full inspection of key elements (please see below).

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Marric's Building Survey Covers: (click to reveal)

  • Structural stability and condition of walls, chimneys, floors, stairways and roofs (including accessible roof voids).
  • External factors, such as hedges and trees, which may have an effect on the present or future condition of the building.
  • Presence and probable cause of dampness in walls, floors and roofs.
  • Condition of visible floor and roof timbers.
  • Condition of doors and windows.
  • General condition of gas, electricity and water services.
  • Condition of visible above and below ground foul and surface water drainage.
  • Overall condition of attached or detached garages.
  • Condition of retaining or boundary walling and fencing.

Please note

Intrusive investigations can be carried out at the time of the survey by prior arrangement or subsequently, upon request, where hidden defects are identified or suspected during the course of the survey.


Marric Chartered Surveyor's Building Survey Terms and Conditions

  • The survey report will be prepared for the exclusive use of the client(s) and is exclusively for his/her/their benefit. This benefit is not transferable to any third party without the express agreement of the original client and the written agreement
    of Marric Chartered Surveyors. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 will not apply to this contract.
  • The report will be based on the condition of the property on the date of inspection and no liability can be accepted for any deterioration in the condition of the property after this date.
  • Woodwork or other parts of the structure which are, at the time of the inspection, covered, unexposed or inaccessible will not be inspected (unless specifically requested) and the practice will therefore be unable to report that any such parts of the property are free from defects.
  • The report on services will not include an electrical wiring test or a test of the water and drainage pipes. Opinions and observations will be based on a visual inspection of services where these are accessible.
  • Central heating, space heating and hot water boilers will be visually examined but no definite opinion can be given that the equipment is entirely free from defect, or, if not working at the time of inspection, that it is in good working order.
  • Separate tests and reports can be arranged for any of the items referred to in paragraphs 3, 4 and 5, if so requested.
  • Unless otherwise indicated the exterior will be inspected from ground level only and the interior from floor level only.
    Roof areas to which direct access is not available will be inspected (where possible) from suitable vantage points.
    Internal roof spaces will be inspected only in those areas to which reasonable access is available. Depending on weather conditions
    leaks in rainwater goods may not be detected.
  • No enquiries will be made concerning Town and Country Planning, Building Regulations, Highways, or any statutory Mining or
    Environmental matters. No enquiries will be made of any Central or Local Government Departments, or any Statutory Undertakers.
  • No material or ground analysis will be carried out to establish:
    • The presence of high alumina cement, calcium chloride or
      other deleterious substance in mortar or concrete;
    • The presence of active alkali-aggregate reaction, sulphate
      attack, or any other agency promoting the deterioration
      of mortar or concrete;
    • The presence in timber components of chemicals which would
      promote the corrosion of embedded or adjacent metal components;
    • The presence of any asbestos, pollutant or contaminant.
  • Unless specifically requested by the client the report will be based on a general, but not exhaustive, survey of the property
    and will not be a detailed schedule of the condition of all the fittings therein. The main aim of the survey will be to identify any major or serious constructional or other defects which might affect the structure and fittings internally. References to decorative
    condition and minor defects will be incidental and not exhaustive.
  • The copyright in the report and other related plans and documents prepared by Marric Chartered Surveyors will be owned by the practice and no such report, plan or document may be reproduced, published or adapted without written consent. Complete copies of
    the report may be made and distributed by the client in dealing with matters related to its commission.